Sports and fun, regardless of climate and availability of space

Global innovators of synthetic turf systems

About TenCate Grass

TenCate Grass consists of a group of international companies on a joint mission to create the best and most sustainable synthetic surfaces to enable unlimited sport, play and recreation.

Our synthetic surfaces empower professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts to deliver their best performance. At the same time ensuring year-round access to green gardens, playgrounds and parks for all, to exercise and have fun together. Regardless of climate type and availability of space. 

“Our aim is to always provide the most innovative solutions to enhance one’s health and well-being.”

Michael Vogel – CEO TenCate Grass

Shaping the future of synthetic turf

TenCate Grass shapes the future of synthetic turf by sharing knowledge, expertise and insights with partners and stakeholders. Creating new ideas and forming powerful collaborations to push the limits of synthetic turf, both in terms of performance and sustainability. Always with the main goal to create innovative future-proof solutions to boost the health and well-being of everyone.

Pushing the performance and sustainability limits by collaborating

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