Our history

History of TenCate, leader in artificial grass surfaces

TenCate has been present in the synthetic turf market from the beginning of its existence, covering more than 300 years of textile technologies. During those years, we have repeatedly reinvented ourselves, responding to changes in the market and the world. Allowing us to become the company we are today.


First involvement of TenCate in the Netherlands’ textile industry.


Hendrik TenCate founds new business in Almelo trading in textiles.


TenCate starts manufacturing yarns.


TenCate starts developing and producing artificial turf. Resulting in new generations of synthetic surfaces, particularly for sports fields.


Start of TenCate’s global expansion with the first manufacturing plant in the US, followed by the first operations in the Middle East.


First steps towards a fully integrated organization. From production of yarn to production, distribution, and installation of synthetic turf systems.


TenCate is delisted from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and starts process towards becoming an independent artificial turf manufacturer, adding landscaping to its portfolio.


TenCate is fully committed to forward integration process with various companies across the world joining the company, enabling us to serve the entire value chain, from R&D and manufacturing of yarns, backing and turf to installation and maintenance.


Partnership with GBN Artificial Grass Recycling to fully recycle and reuse all end-of-life turf in the Netherlands.


Partnership with ExxonMobil and Cyclyx for advanced recycling of legacy turf in the US.


With more than 20 companies in our portfolio, TenCate is now the largest, fully integrated artificial turf company in the world, providing yarns, systems, installation, and recycling.