A rich history in synthetic turf development

The history of our textile technologies

Where we come from

The heritage of Royal TenCate gives us more than 300 years of textile technologies. We have been present at the synthetic turf market from the very start of its existence, to where we are now.


TenCate's roots go back to the eighteenth centrury, during which Hendrik TenCate was a commercial intermediary in the linen industry. He bought yarn, distributed it to farmers and sold the processed linen fabrics in the Netherlands and abroad. The first official company document was recorded in 1704.


TenCate merged with a weaving mill and began manufacturing.


First generation of synthetic turf was installed at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.


TenCate developed and manufactured the first generation of nylon synthetic turf fibres and backings for sport fields.


Synthetic turf was used for the first time at the Olympics for hockey - a start for all international tournaments.


TenCate developed the new polymer LSR (Low Sliding Resistance) for sports pitches. A friendlier and softer surface for players.


TenCate introduced KdK fibres for hockey turf, using texturized yarns created by a unique new knitting and de-knitting technology.


Introduction of the third generation of turf, using infill materials to support fibres and provide shock absorption.


TenCate acquires its current plant in Dayton Tennessee, effectively starting manufacturing in the United States of America.


TenCate became the oldest Royal industrial company in the Netherlands, being granted the "Royal" designation 150 years ago in 2002.


Operations in the Middle East began with a TenCate factory producing fibres in Dubai.


TenCate developed the next generation of turf without performance infill materials, called non-fill.


First non-fill sports systems were installed in Switzerland.


We introduced new technology using UV-resistant and water permeable garden turf that is natural looking and highly durable.


The first MX pitch was installed, which was manufactured and patented by TenCate as a matrix woven synthetic turf carpet.


TenCate subsidiary GreenFields installed the main fields for the Hockey World Cup as an introduction to the succesfull TX hockey range.


Royal TenCate Group is delisted from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange by a group of investors led by Gilde Buy out Partners. TenCate Grass starts the process towards becoming an independent company.


Our Centre for Turf Innovation was launched to further improve the understanding of player-surface interaction.


We keep pushing the limits to create new future-proof and sustainable turf systems.