From R&D to recycling: superior quality in a sustainable way

Serving the entire value chain for the global turf industry

Maximizing the value for our customers

With our array of experienced and trustworthy companies, we serve the entire value chain from start to finish. From R&D and manufacturing of yarns, backing and turf to installation, maintenance and recycling. We do this for sports, leisure and landscape applications across the world.

“To maximise the value of our products, we span the whole chain; from product development to maintenance and recycling.”

Michael Vogel – CEO TenCate Grass

Research and Development

1. Research and Development

Inspiring the industry by working on turf designed for the future and breaking new ground every day. We strive to develop the optimal experience by testing the turf in our high-tech lab combined with real-life user testing.


2. Manufacturing

Our companies put all effort into extruding, weaving and tufting resilient and durable turf solutions.


3. Advice

When it comes to the complexities of design, we share our expertise with our customers and partners and feed off theirs. We know how to combine all turf elements to create the perfect system, taking the circumstances and requirements into account.


4. Installation

A turf system is much more than the turf itself. A proper installation is essential for the performance and durability. Our highly skilled and experienced people deliver turn-key installations.


5. Maintenance

Our experts enhance the lifetime and playability of turf with proper and regular maintenance, guaranteeing optimal performance 365/24/7.


6. Recycling

We take responsibility and strive to recycle & reuse what we manufacture. Co-founding the first recycling facility for synthetic turf in the Netherlands is the first step of many to come.

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