A user centric approach to developing turf systems

Our artificial turf research and innovation facility

Centre for Turf Innovation

Working closely together with athletes helps us to configure turf, ensuring optimal playability.

For this reason we launched our Centre for Turf Innovation (CTI) in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2020. Here we invite top-level athletes to test the performance of our synthetic turf surfaces in real-life scenarios. We ask them for their honest feedback to improve our future designs.


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Improving the understanding of player-surface interaction

“Collecting data and knowledge is essential to shaping the future of synthetic turf system designs.”

Colin Young – Research and Development Director

Collecting data and knowledge

Historically, turf system design only focused on meeting a series of mechanical and material specifications. These had little relevance to the athletes’ experience when playing on the turf. The purpose of CTI is to improve the understanding of player-surface interaction.

We do this by using the latest cutting-edge technologies. Think of grip-testers, high speed camera imagery, own R&D extrusion lines and tufting capabilities to improve performance, longevity and sustainability of turf systems. The data and knowledge we collect at CTI is essential to shaping the future of synthetic turf system designs.

More about our expertise

Colin Young

Colin Young

Research and Development Director Turf Systems

Joining TenCate Grass in 2018, Colin Young brought a wealth of experience in synthetic turf systems and biomechanics. “Leading TenCate Grass’ Centre for Turf Innovation allows me to bring together technology, player experience and sustainability. Nothing beats a nod of approval from a player after trying out one of our new products.”

Centre for Turf Innovation