Innovation is the eagerness to find ways to improve

Continuously improving synthetic turf systems

Innovation & technology

Through our innovations, unique insights and practical experience, we are continuously improving synthetic turf systems in terms of playability, durability and sustainability. Every day our R&D department supports and inspires our companies and partners in designing future-proof synthetic surfaces.

Innovation & technology

“Teaming up with our partners and end-users is of crucial importance in speeding up technological developments.”

Joe Fields – President TenCate Grass USA

Advanced technology

Our grip testing equipment, high speed camera imagery and in-house LiSport XL machine enables us to design, test and produce the best performing turf systems. By working with product users we are able to continuously improve our designs. We successfully used this method when developing our woven MX Ultimate system for Dutch Premier League club Heracles.

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Pushing the limits together with our companies and partners

At TenCate Grass we are really pleased to be working with PSV to provide players with the best possible surfaces to enable talent to grow and turn dreams into reality. Together we work on improving our understanding of the player and how our turf impacts performance. Some really interesting insights already working with knowledge and passionate people at the club helping to drive our next generation of turf.

Centre for Turf Innovation