22 February 2023

GreenFields launches innovative and sustainable non-infill solution for top level football

GreenFields Pure PT

GreenFields, a TenCate Grass company, has always been at the forefront of innovation, improving sustainability and leading the way in the development of high-end artificial turf systems for sport.

GreenFields is very proud to launch the Greenfields Pure range. This range contains three brand new artificial turf products, designed with a strong focus on sustainability. Including extended life span, durable player performance, and minimal maintenance requirements. All three systems are labelled A+ in Greenfield’s innovative and robust ECO classification system, which illustrate the eco-credentials of each separate product and the entire range. GreenFields Pure was developed, tested, and evaluated with the support of the Centre for Turf Innovation (CTI) by TenCate Grass.

The non-fill game changer for top-level football
As Colin Young, Research & Development Director at TenCate Grass states: ” When designing the Pure PT system we focused on players based research using innovative testing methods to benchmark great quality natural grass. The unique insight we gathered provided the inspiration for the new product which is fundamentally different to any turf system currently on the market. The yarns where re-engineered using a bespoke formulation to optimise playing experience and mimic great quality grass.”

GreenFields Pure PT has been developed to match the properties of a high-quality natural grass and provide ultimate performance. GreenFields Pure PT is a 100% non-infill product that offers high player comfort while also being extremely durable.

Anticipating the ban on the use of polymeric infills
With the incoming legislation likely to ban the use of polymeric infills classified as microplastics, the drive for innovation in system design has accelerated. Many in the market are pivoting towards mineral infill systems. These types of systems do provide a viable option for lower level football and multi-sport solutions but have limitations in terms of player comfort and durability.

The unique yarn design and composition of GreenFields Pure PT eliminate the need for infill. This makes it a more sustainable solution and also a durable solution as there is no friction between the infill and the yarns. Grip, comfort and ball roll are improved and closely resemble the same characteristics as high quality natural grass.

This makes GreenFields Pure PT not only a game changer within soccer artificial turf but also a responsible choice towards the future.

Please visit the GreenFields website for more information.

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