13 March 2023

PSV and TenCate Grass extend innovation partnership

PSV and TenCate Grass have been working closely together to further develop and optimize the training fields at PSV Campus De Herdgang. We are pleased to announce that partnership is now extended until 2026.

The input and research provided by TenCate Grass is valuable for the quality of the pitches on which the players of the PSV Academy ultimately play and train. We as TenCate Grass are given the latitude to experiment and innovate as part of the ‘Fieldlab’, which provides detailed insights into the footballers’ data. Allowing us to further improve our understanding of the player and drive our next generation of turf.

Direct feedback from players

“Of course, we want to extend our partnership with PSV”, Michael Vogel, CEO of TenCate Grass, says. “The Fieldlab on PSV Campus De Herdgang has become an ‘institute’ and the opportunity PSV is giving us by allowing us to test new developments in practice is incredibly valuable. We learn most from the direct feedback of players and staff. This ultimately enables us to develop new, innovate, high-quality turf, which positively impacts the performance of the players. Hence, we are looking forward to a long-term partnership with PSV.”


Frans Janssen, Commercial Director of PSV, is just as enthusiastic about the prolonged partnership: “We are pleased to extend our partnership with TenCate Grass, because it is a perfect example of how we jointly implement innovative ideas at the PSV Campus. The input and feedback provided by our players and staff give TenCate Grass the opportunity to test new developments in a real-life environment.”

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