3 October 2021

Recently introduced law bans ‘non-functional’ natural grass in Nevada

A recently introduced law in Nevada will ban about 31% of all natural grass in Las Vegas. In these times of drought, replacing natural turf should save water– an increasingly precious commodity as the Colorado River, the region’s main water source, is drying up. Grass areas will be replaced with drought-tolerant landscaping, such as synthetic turf.

Other cities and states around the US have enacted temporary bans on lawns that require to be watered, but the new law in Nevada is the first in the nation to permanently ban certain categories of grass, as reported by PBS News Hour.

We expect more regions to follow Nevada’s water-saving measures in the near future. Moreover, such measures to use natural resources sparingly, especially water, is only the beginning of a much greater challenge. Both in the US and globally, we see a growing awareness of the responsibilities we as humans have towards future generations.

A range of solutions can help our efforts to save water now and in the future. If we focus on designing to recycle, we don’t deplete resources, including water, at the same rate. Using synthetic turf can present a cost- and an environment-conscious opportunity to save water.

In landscaping and in sports, TenCate Grass focuses on preserving water as much as possible. One example is our 3R-approach when designing field hockey surfaces: “Reduce, Reuse and Remove.” Read more about our Expertise.

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