We ♥ Cruyff Foundation

Make sports globally available to everyone

Our corporate social responsibility

We believe that apart from a healthy hobby, playing sports can help everyone to develop themselves. Sports enhances self-confidence and builds friendships. That’s why we aim to make sports available to all, especially those who need a bit of extra support. To this end, TenCate Grass works together with like-minded partners worldwide.

In the Cruyff Foundation, we found people that share our passion for sports, movement, well-being, inclusiveness and opportunity. They support and develop sports activities for children all over the world, which is in perfect synergy with our mission to enable everyone to play. And isn’t that what every child deserves?

“With our focus on health, wellbeing and inclusiveness, we aim to have a positive societal impact.”

Michael Vogel – CEO TenCate Grass

Enabling unlimited play, now and in the future

Facilitating sports – the universal language for children

The Johan Cruyff Foundation

Legendary footballer Johan Cruijff founded the Cruyff Foundation more than twenty years ago. The Foundation gives children in need access to spaces to play sport by installing (mini) fields including goals, fencing and lighting all over the world.

Sport is a universal language for children, regardless of background, culture, religion, or ability. Sport fosters personal development, self-confidence, connection and physical and mental growth. Things that every child, anywhere in the world, is entitled to.

Impressive results

Thanks to the installation of fields by the Cruyff Foundation, over 200,000 children are active every week and more than 7,000 children use the Cruyff Courts on a daily basis. TenCate Grass is a proud partner of the Foundation since 2005.

Impressive results