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Renewable synthetic turf solutions

Sustainability & Circularity

As a worldwide operating group, we cover the entire synthetic turf market and the whole value chain. This gives us a great responsibility as well as total control. Already in the design phase we anticipate on recyclability. We continually create new initiatives that improve sustainability and make steps towards circularity. 


Sustainability & Circularity

Sustainability is a condition to be in business.

“For our business, recyclability is of vital importance to be sustainable. Therefore, it is our starting point in every new development.”

Colin Young – Research and Development Director

Sustainable synthetic turf systems

Heracles and TCG renew partnership for another two years
We strive for our synthetic turf systems to be fully sustainable, from subbases to infill materials. The focus is on designing systems with bio materials, natural infills and systems that do not even need infill materials at all. At the same time we design to recycle.

Circularity of the synthetic turf value chain

For years, TenCate Grass has recycled end-of-life turf into Ecocept® – a recycled e-layer in sport fields design. This taught us to anticipate on the recyclability of turf systems in the design phase, like we did with our woven grass systems.

Co-founding GBN Artificial Grass Recycling was the next step we took towards a circular synthetic turf market. GBN AGR currently recycles end-of-life turf in The Netherlands in a circular way. This is a concept which we aim to expand worldwide.

More about the process of recycling at GBN AGR here

On our way to sustainable operations

Our aim is to manufacture synthetic turf systems as ecologically as possible. Using solar panels to warm up water, reusing water in the manufacturing process, recycling internal and external waste, as well as reprocessing end-of-life turf to make new synthetic turf subbase systems.