What we do

Innovative artificial turf surfaces

We design and offer a full range of products to engineer the best performing, most innovative and sustainable artificial grass surfaces for sports and landscaping. From shockpad, backing and yarns to different types of infill. And preferably no infill at all. And we provide products that go beyond the surface, such as sustainable and recyclable lighting, fences, and water collection systems underneath our surfaces.

Our solutions comprise of the highest quality components and are almost exclusively manufactured in our own facilities all over the world. Always keeping in mind the highest level of functionality with the most efficient use of resources.

We offer innovative surfaces for:


We empower all level athletes of sports like American football, rugby, soccer, field hockey, and tennis to deliver their best performance.


We help municipalities and homeowners with low-maintenance and durable landscaping surfaces to elevate public spaces and properties. And we ensure that local communities, kindergartens, and pet care facilities have year-round access to green gardens, playgrounds, and parks to play and have fun.