Center for turf innovation

Center for Turf Innovation

In the world of sports and landscaping, the pursuit of excellence and sustainability has led to remarkable advancements in turf technology. The Center for Turf Innovation (CTI), established as a hub for research, development, and collaboration, stands at the forefront of this revolutionary movement. With its visionary approach, CTI is redefining the future of turf, offering solutions that:

  • are sustainable
  • foster circularity
  • enhance the users’ performance and experience

To give us a better understanding of player-surface interaction, our surfaces are thoroughly tested in our innovation labs.

Indoor laboratory with state-of-the art testing facilities

In Nijverdal, we have an indoor testing facility that comprises 3,000 square meters with the latest state-of-the art testing and manufacturing technologies. We invite top-level players to test our latest developments, simulating real game situations. By observing them when running, kicking, turning, and sliding, we can research how our turf can positively impact their performance.

TenCate FieldLab at PSV Academy

In 2020, TenCate joined forces with Dutch professional football club PSV. Extending the indoor lab with a field lab at the PSV Academy in Eindhoven. New products that meet the player’s needs, are first installed here for further testing under real-life conditions. The data collected, and the feedback provided by athletes, trainers, and sport scientists, helps us further improve our artificial turf designs in terms of performance and safety.

Portable FieldLab

Our testing equipment is specially designed to easily fit into a suitcase. Allowing us to test our artificial turf systems at any location in the world. We have been working with (American) football and baseball players in the US, for example, to evaluate current surfaces and develop new synthetic turf products.