Vision on innovation

Our vision on artificial turf innovation

We are eager to create synthetic turf solutions that perform well, are sustainable, and fully circular. We believe that we can and have to do better for our users, customers, partners and for society as a whole. We want to continuously develop new solutions that are more sustainable than the ones already out there. Allowing our partners and customers to do the same, by sharing the knowledge we gained through research. For this reason, we founded the Center for Turf Innovation.

Our vision on innovation is underpinned by three main pillars:

  1. Player perspective: turning athletes into champions

    Whether it be for Soccer, American Football, Field Hockey, or Rugby, we always design our synthetic turf systems with the athlete in mind. Our state-of-the-art innovation labs are dedicated to better understanding player-surface interaction using innovative methods that focus on the athlete’s experience. Ultimately designing synthetic turf systems that exceed players’ expectations.

  2. Sustainability: help solve societal challenges

    For us sustainability is a key driver for innovation. We want to help tackle the challenges the world is facing today, like water scarcity and plastic waste, as they are seriously impacting the lives of people all over the world. We do that with our zero-water hockey fields, for example, saving approx. 3 million liters of water a year. And by designing systems with biomaterials, natural infills and systems that do not need any infill at all.

  3. Circularity: One-DNA for all artificial turf

    All our innovations are underpinned by our circular design philosophy. Meaning that we design turf that is fully circular. Our One-DNA turf solution for landscaping is an industry-leading approach to recyclability. It consists of only one material, allowing it to be repeatedly recycled into new high-quality products without sacrificing on quality or performance. We will also launch a One-DNA solution for sports.