Care for people and communities

Caring for people and communities

As the global leader in surfaces for sports and landscaping our purpose is to keep our communities healthy and make our world more beautiful. To keep play going, no matter the region or the season.

Care for people

Our 2800 colleagues worldwide put in their best effort every day to make this happen.
Without their drive and passion, we would not be able to lead the international turf industry. That is why we want to offer our employees the best working environment possible. To allow them to reach their full potential. We do that by:

  • Stimulating continuous personal development
  • Implementing thorough measures to guarantee the safety of our employees
  • Leveraging our employees’ diverse educational, cultural, and religious backgrounds
  • Initiating a group-wide survey to check engagement and detect potential areas for improvement

Care for communities

The World Health Organization (WHO) has emphasized the importance of physical activity in promoting good health. That is why TenCate wants to make sports available to all. By realizing as many playing and sports fields as possible for people to meet, be active and stay healthy. And more importantly…have fun! We offer artificial grass surfaces that are safe, sustainable, and last for years. And that are 24/7/365 accessible, come rain or shine.

Partnership with the Cruyff Foundation

We believe that apart from being a healthy hobby, playing sports enhances self-confidence and builds friendships. It can help people with their personal development. That’s why we aim to make sports available to all. We partner with like-minded organizations, like the Cruyff Foundation, that share our passion for sports, well-being, inclusiveness, and opportunity. The foundation supports and initiates sports activities for children all over the world, who just need that little bit of extra support.

Niels Meijer, CEO Cruyff Foundation
“In 20 years, we have jointly installed 200 Cruyff Courts worldwide. Allowing more than 1,000,000 children each year to be active.”