R&D team

Research & Development Team: jointly developing innovative solutions

Our Research & Development team supports and inspires our companies and partners in designing future-proof synthetic turf surfaces. The team consists of researchers with expertise in a wide range of fields. They work closely together with researchers from all TenCate Companies, sharing information on innovations, test results and player feedback. Jointly creating innovative, high-quality, and safe artificial turf solutions.

Head of R&D and CTI Colin Young

The R&D team is led by Colin Young, Global Director of Research & Development at TenCate. Colin is heavily involved in the development and improvement of the synthetic turf industry at large and takes a keen interest in improving synthetic turf for the benefit of its users and the environment. He is Chair of the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (ESTC) and of the Non-filled Working Group at the FIFA Technical Advisory Group.

Colin Young: “We believe that we should never compromise on welfare, safety of players, performance, or environmental credentials.”

That is why any new ideas we come up with, any new turf system or product we develop and bring to market has to be an improvement of what is currently out there.

Colin Young

Colin Young

Group R&D Director

Joining TenCate Grass in 2018, Colin Young brought a wealth of experience in synthetic turf systems and biomechanics. “Leading the Center for Turf Innovation allows me to bring together technology, player experience and sustainability. Nothing beats a nod of approval from a player after trying out one of our new products.”