27 May 2024

First water-free hockey pitch installed in Paris

On May 16, GCC Sport Surfaces completed the installation of the first water-free hockey pitch in La Muette, Paris in partnership with Eurofield and ART-DAN SOLS SPORTIFS. This Pure EP pitch, developed by TenCate company Greenfields, is the ultimate 100% waterfree sustainable artificial pitch for players wishing for elite pace, ball roll speed and ball control. 

A game-changer 

GreenFields Pure EP is a revolutionary dry turf (non-irrigated), FIH certified field hockey pitch, which offers a high paced elite hockey experience. The advanced, smooth EP surface, made from novel yarn combinations, guarantees long lasting performance and consistent excellence. Moreover, it is designed to be infill and water free, removing the need for irrigation, making it a more environmentally sustainable option 

Water management and resource efficiency

Water-free hockey fields represent the future of the sport that extends beyond the absence of traditional water-based features. Greenfields Pure EP encapsulates principles of sustainable water management and resource efficiency on a global level. By embracing these innovations, the hockey community can not only maintain the integrity of the game, but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious sporting landscape. 

Benchmark for sustainable hockey

Greenfields Pure EP stands as the pioneering first approved innovation in the FIH dry-turf category. With this innovation, Greenfields has established a benchmark for the sustainable future of hockey. A benchmark that has been rapidly embraced, following the installation of the first full-sized pitch in the Netherlands in June last year. Currently, three full-sized Pure EP pitches have already been installed in the Netherlands with more to follow this year. And the first waterless hockey field in Germany is soon to follow. 

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