20 January 2022


Bringing process waste recycling in-house

Generating process waste is an inherent part of the yarn extrusion process. When a production run is started, it takes a period of time before the process is stable and the yarn meets our high specifications. Before this point is reached, the yarn is considered process waste. Process waste may also occur in the further processing, e.g. when straight yarns are texturized.

One the one hand, we strive to minimise process waste generation. On the other, we aim to recycle and reuse this waste, which is actually a high value polymer.

Previously, process waste was recycled by third parties. This could not always be reused since, post recycling, the polymer had to have the exact same properties as virgin material. Now, after comprehensive testing, trial runs and validation, our Fibres and Fabrics production facility in the Netherlands has put a new waste recycling machine fully into operation.

With the new process waste recycling equipment, another step is taken towards achieving our sustainability goals. With our new procedure, our internal process waste can now be fully reused.

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