27 June 2023

First dry hockey field in the world with TenCate’s zero-water technology

The artificial turf revolution that awaits the field hockey world in the coming years is currently taking shape at MHC Weesp, a hockey club just outside Amsterdam. This club is the first in the world to have a full-sized hockey field based on TenCate’s dry (non-irrigated) artificial turf technology. Marking the first step towards realizing the International Hockey Federation’s (FIH) goal to only use water- and infill-free artificial turf after the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

FIH certified, zero-water alternative

MHC Weesp now features a unique, dry artificial turf surface, manufactured according to the FIH’s new requirements. Years ago, the FIH expressed its ambition to find a sustainable alternative to the constant watering of hockey pitches. This perfectly matched TenCate’s mission to develop sustainable solutions to help solve societal challenges like water scarcity.

Levelling the international playing field

For some countries, like India and Pakistan, a constant supply of water is not a given. This new technology will significantly reduce the inequality that exists between field hockey nations around the world. Vincent Homrighausen, managing director Greenfields and downstream EMEA at TenCate: “A water-based artificial turf field in the Netherlands requires 3.5 to 5 million liters of water per year. Given the growing water shortage and the lack of equal opportunities to play this sport, it was high time for a change. With Pure EP, we will create a level playing field in the international world of field hockey.”

Pure EP rivals water-based turf

Colin Young, director Research & Development at TenCate: “The development process for Pure EP took four years. Our main concern was how to create a more sustainable solution without compromising on speed, technique and therefore the appeal of field hockey. We subjected the new turf to rigorous tests and listened carefully to what the players who took part in our trials had to say. They were all very satisfied with Pure EP’s performances.”

Floris Jan Bovelander, former Dutch international, and penalty corner expert, agrees: “I have already had a chance to play on the new field in Weesp and I was very impressed. Especially in terms of speed, it rivals a water-based artificial turf field.

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