17 January 2022

Important notice: ransomware attack

During the past weeks, TenCate Grass was the target of a ransomware attack. Cybercriminals tried to get access to the TenCate Grass IT systems to install ransomware with the aim to disrupt our operations in order to demand ransom.

Our security software detected the attack as a result of which the impact remained limited. After detecting the attack, we worked closely with our external IT specialists to execute the required actions to neutralise the attack. Our operations were disrupted for a limited period of time. Currently, all our systems are online again. Additional measures were taken to prevent further attacks.


Although the attempt to encrypt our systems was not successful, certain data was stolen from TenCate Grass. The relevant authorities were notified about this fact. Through digital, forensic investigation, we have tried to identify which data it pertained to and which persons and companies may be impacted. These persons and companies have been informed. Should it appear that more data has been stolen than is currently known, these persons and companies will be informed. It is possible that the data will be published or sold. At this time, we have no indication of this.

Stay alert

There is a risk that cybercriminals will approach you on behalf of or in name of TenCate Grass. For example, with a request to settle an invoice to an account number that is not the usual one. If the message appears suspect, do not act upon it and please contact your contact person within TenCate Grass. They will take further action within TenCate Grass.

Should a significant status change occur, we shall publish this on this website.

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