6 December 2022

Jim McFarlane and his team win 4 stars at Taqdeer Award

Since 2012, every two years companies from all over the world gather in Dubai for the Taqdeer Award. The awards are a recognition for the exceptional labor welfare programmes, working environments and employees who have made significant contributions in worker welfare and productivity.

November 2022 marks the fifth cycle of the evaluation processes for companies and distinguished workers, awarding them 1 to 5 stars at a gala ceremony. With great pride we now announce that Jim McFarlane, Managing Director of TenCate Grass Dubai, received the 4 star for his clear vision on managing the People aspect of our organisation.

Giving our employees a voice

The program for which McFarlane is honored with a Taqdeer Award gives employees more support services and ensures they have a voice. TenCate Thiolon Middle East LLC is one of a very few that have opened a medical facility that is licensed and professionally staffed by 330 employees who are accommodated at location.

The employees have also been given more opportunities to participate in the management of the factory. Every employee has a custom TenCate App installed on their mobile device that gives them access to more services and the option to communicate any issues or concerns.

It’s about happiness and respect

All of our employees in the Middle East are migrant employees who leave their families to seek a better life than what their home country can provide. As a company we need to respect this sacrifice and support them by providing living accommodations that are safe, clean and at a higher standard than what they have at home.

McFarlane states the importance of a motivated workforce: “If we want our employees to care for our factories, equipment and strive to constantly improve our company, then we need to show the way starting with respecting them as how we want to be respected. The stronger, smarter, happier, and motivated the work forces and workplace environment is, the higher the output and quality.”

Our path towards a 5 star Taqdeer Award

The Taqdeer Award plays a major role in raising awareness among companies and employees about labour market legislations, instilling high standards of worker wellbeing in the Emirates. Over 3.000 companies are now registered for the Taqdeer Award. This year the ceremony honored 36 companies and 94 workers. Thanks to a full team effort, TenCate Thiolon Middle East LLC is amongst these. Therefore Jim personally thanks all the employees and managers who assisted in the audit process, inviting everyone to a staff appreciation party, because only together we are capable of winning the highest ranking of 5 stars in 2024!

TenCate wins Taqdeer Award

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