6 July 2022

The LMS system: a personalized learning experience in our artificial grass fibre production facility

Producing artificial grass components is a specialized process, using various techniques, machinery and procedures. Especially nowadays, when technology changes at a high pace, just as customer demands.

This results in a need to be a flexible, continuously improving organization. A huge driver in our capability to implement ongoing improvements is education of our people.

Fasil Tsegaw, Continuous Education Manager at TenCate Grass Middle East, develops training strategies that promote self-development. His biggest goal is to continually cater a modern and personalized learning experience to the need of the employees.

To achieve this, he uses the Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is a learning platform through which training and development programs can be provided to our people, 24/7 from any device. It forms a hub to the process, procedures and work instructions and most importantly, it builds a culture of learning at TenCate Grass Middle East.

Fasil: “The LMS helps to accelerate the learning process. It develops employees in their current job and prepares them to the function, roles and responsibilities in the future. It’s tied with the company strategy of the future manufacturing; building a workforce that reacts more quickly to technological changes, process adjustments, customer demands and even worldwide events.

But, most of all, the LMS helps us to empower our employees to build their skills and knowledge. It gives them the confidence to work in a safe way, to communicate about what we could improve within the factory and opens them up to growth within their work life.”

One of our Team Leaders, Raffy Prades, explains what the Learning Management System brings in his day-to-day job: “The LMS helps us a lot in teaching, mentoring and giving proper training to all our colleagues via their handheld gadgets. Learning is at their fingertips.”


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