19 May 2022


The Medical Centre at TenCate Grass ME

At our Fibres and Fabrics production facility in the Middle East, we asked our Medical Officer & Consultant Noah Montalbo to explain his role within TenCate Grass.

Noah manages the medical facility in Dubai and is the first point of contact for health related questions or issues for our employees. As a licensed nurse, he provides medical care and support.

With this in-house medical centre, we aim to lower the threshold for our people to go and see a medical officer in case of any issues or questions, but we also want to support them in the process when they do need to go to a hospital.

In addition, Noah uses the Learning Management System to provide health education, exercise regiments courses and AED trainings. Noah explains: ‘I believe in the power of informing and educating our people in order to prevent issues, rather than cure. My role at TenCate Grass helps my colleagues to be happier and healthier, what else could I wish for?”

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